We recognize that there is no single treatment approach that is effective and appropriate for all individuals. We have developed programs that can be tailored to serve the needs of each individual. Treatment begins with an in-depth assessment where problems and strengths are identified. A plan is designed with the needs of the individual in mind. Our staff assist individuals and families through the recovery process, which can last as little as a few days to several years.

We help individuals and families recover by focusing on each person’s unique needs. We address the unique needs by providing a full range of services through a comprehensive continuum of care.

Getting Started

Individuals in need of services can refer themselves or be referred by other agencies or individuals. A phone call (740.522.8477 or 1.877.593.6330 Toll Free) is all that is necessary to inquire about services. Upon the initial phone call some basic information is required in order to provide the needed services as quickly as possible. If appropriate, you will be notified of upcoming Open Access Intake Clinics or an intake appointment will be scheduled.

If it is determined that we will not be able to help address or meet your needs, we will try to give you information about other organizations in the community that provide the desired service.

In a crisis situation every effort will be made for the individual to be seen immediately.


Our fees vary depending on the type and length of service. We receive public and private funds to help make services affordable and accessible. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and self-pay. Oftentimes, we are able to adjust the cost – based on a sliding scale – that takes family income and number of individuals into consideration. During the intake process our financial policies and fee structure will be explained to you. You will be informed of any and all fees that will be charged for services and arrangements for payment for those services.

You are expected to provide current and accurate information regarding your household income and household size so that we can determine any fees that may apply and coordinate billing for your services. It is important that you notify us of any changes in insurance and/or financial information on an on-going basis.

You will be responsible for making payment at the time of each service.


Review our Orientation Manual

A Continuum of Services...

Our focus is on care that is efficiently provided, delivers effective outcomes and is accessible in the right amount, at the right time and for the right duration.


The first step is to perform an evaluation in order to identify needs and determine if Behavioral Healthcare Partners of Central Ohio is the appropriate organization to meet the individual’s needs. If so, we have a complete treatment program that can be customized for each individual.

Case Management

Services are provided for adults who have a severe mental illness, youth with a severe emotional disorder, and adults/youth with substance abuse/dependency. Case Managers provide individualized interventions that include skill development, advocacy, linkage to medical services, housing, benefits, social activities and other community resources.

Community Housing Assistance

We provide assistance with rent and/or deposits for adults who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Crisis Intervention

Services are provided 24/7 for youth and adults experiencing a mental health or alcohol/drug crisis. To access Crisis Intervention Services, please call:

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
740.522.8477 or
1.877.593.6330 (toll free)

All other times, including holidays,
dial 211 or
(toll free)


Employee Assistance Services

Mental health and drug/alcohol issues that surface “on-the-job” cause decreased productivity, accidents, and increased supervisory time. This program assists businesses in establishing job-based programs in the workplace to identify troubled employees and provide support services.

Intensive Community-Based Teams

This comprehensive team approach provides services to the most at-risk and high-need adults. Multiple professionals work together to coordinate treatment services and to provide the most effective interventions for each individual’s needs.

Intensive Home-Based Treatment

Therapy services are provided to the entire family in their home. These services are designed to address the needs of the most high-risk youth and their families to improve family functioning and promote school success.


Medical services are provided to meet the psychiatric needs of youth and adults with a mental illness. Psychiatrists and Advance Practice Nurses prescribe and monitor medication based on a psychiatric evaluation.

Outpatient Therapy

Mental health and alcohol/drug treatment services are provided for youth and adults including group therapy, family therapy and individual therapy.

Representative Payee

This program provides financial management assistance and education to clients who receive benefits from the Social Security Administration and need help managing their personal bills.

Residential Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Severe alcohol/drug dependent adults receive substance abuse treatment services along with supportive services to gain employment and safe long-term housing while living in a supervised residential program.

Residential Housing

Safe, secure and supervised housing is provided for adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

School Based Programming

Mental health specialists provide consultative and therapy services to youth in schools throughout the community. School personnel receive consultation and education about mental illness and substance abuse.


This program helps adults and youth obtain and maintain employment through skill building, career exploration, job placement and job retention activities.